The Process



Most Wedding dress conversions cost $225.00 for a dress or romper.  If your Wedding dress has a lot of beading which will require a lot of hand sewing it may cost more. A dress with a split front overlay will cost 15.00 extra. Some special requests may cost more. An example would be a opening at the waist for the priest. I can give you an accurate price if you send a picture of your wedding dress and any special requests you may have. Bonnets and booties are $40.00 each and headbands are $25.00. The cost to return leftover scraps and the new Christening gown together is $18.85 and is an additional charge.  

If you would like me to make a custom Christening or Baptism gown or romper for you, simply contact me either by email at or through my etsy store: or by calling me 434-324-4134. 

I will need to know your Christening date and you will need to send me pictures of your dress. If you have some idea of what you would like please include that and I can give you a accurate price.
Once you purchase I put you on my schedule. Each dress takes a week to complete. I will let you know what week I will be working on your dress. I base this on your Christening date or when you want your dress. Once I have your dress I will draw several rough design sketches for you to choose from. As I work on your dress I will send pictures so will have input and you can watch the entire process. 


When I schedule my calendar I do so by the date the dress is needed. Each dress is custom made to fit your baby. Since you have a growing baby, in order to ensure a proper fit I usually do not start on your dress until it is close to your Christening date leaving my self enough time to complete the dress and at the same time ensuring a proper fit. You may also order by small, medium or large if you prefer. Standard sizes are based on a weight range. To transform a wedding dress into a Christening gown it generally takes me one week sewing time (more if there is a lot of hand work involved). I allow an additional week for shipment to you. Most dresses are started a minimum of 3-4 weeks before the date they are needed. 


To order a custom made Christening gown from your own wedding dress please contact me before you purchase. Send me pictures of your wedding gown and some idea of what you want and any special requests so I can give you an accurate price. Include the date you need it by, so I can check my calendar, and let me know if you want a bonnet, headband or booties.
I will set up a custom order listing/invoice for you to purchase. I accept paypal and credit cards through paypal or etsy payments in my etsy store and on my website. My schedule changes from day to day. I can't promise something for you until I receive payment. Once you purchase you will be on my schedule.
Once I receive your order you will have to ship your wedding gown to me. 
I will give you a date when I need to have your wedding dress in order to complete your new dress on time. It should be clean and not smell, so if you had it preserved you will need to open the box. You don't want to put your new baby in a musty or stinky dress and it is not something I want to work with. If you don't want the expense of cleaning it just remember I will have to work around dirty or damaged areas which could limit what can be done. It needs to be wrapped in plastic to protect it from any possible  water staining in transit and you should have it tracked and you may want to insure it. You will have to pay to ship your dress to me. I will not be responsible for any loss or damages during any shipping. 
Once I receive your dress I will see what design elements from your dress might look best where and draw  some rough sketches for you. You need to let me know of any special requests you want to incorporate into the design. 
I will contact you the week before I make your dress for a few simple measurements. I will need them by the Sunday before I make your dress in order to have your dress to you on time. Do not add extra to the measurements. I will add for ease of movement and possible growth. I don't want both of us to do that. Your baby may grow by Christening time. I can make the dress with a little extra room for her to grow, but what I don't want to do is make a dress that is to small. 
Let me know if you have a certain length in mind. I will try to be close to the length you want, but sometimes the length is determined by the size and placement of the design on the original dress. It will also help to have a number where you can be reached in case I can't get in touch through email and I need a quick answer.
I will be in touch with you throughout the whole process with any questions I may have and send you pictures along the way. I will pin options in place and take pictures for you before I sew. Keep in mind how fast the process goes may depend a lot on your response time to any questions. I allow a week for each order so also please be considerate that lack of response may delay the process and run your dress over into the next customers' week.
I will send whatever is left of your dress back to you with your completed Christening gown.
Please keep in mind Custom Christening gowns are made from used dresses. There may be slight imperfections. I try to make every effort to use the best parts of a dress and use or place any imperfections where they are not easily noticed. I do my best to check for loose beading and do not like to use buttons unless you insist. Before you purchase please be aware that if your dress has beading or buttons they may be a possible choking hazard to a baby and I will not be held responsible. This dress is meant to be a special occasion dress not a dress you leave your baby in for extended periods of time. 


I want all my customers to be happy. If you have questions please ask before you order. I usually do not accept returns. If there is a problem please let me know as soon as you receive it and I will do my best to make it right. If I make an exception the item must be postmarked for return within 2 days of your receiving it in the original condition and packaging. If it is my error I will pay return shipping, otherwise shipping will be the buyer's responsibility.  

At this time I am only accepting custom orders from within the United States. So much communication is necessary for a custom order it would be difficult with time involved and shipping to ensure that your order would be delivered to you on time unless I do this. 


Items are shipped upon completion based on agreed date item is needed. I almost exclusively use the United States Postal Service priority mail which guarantees delivery in 2-3 business days. You will receive an email confirmation with the tracking number once it is on the way. I will insure your item for the cost of the listing, but I am not responsible for any loss or damage during shipping. Buyers are responsible for all shipping charges unless otherwise noted. Always use care when you are opening the package if you use a knife. The last thing you want to do is cut into your new dress. 


  If you would like me to make a custom Christening or Baptism gown or romper for you, simply contact me either by email at or through my etsy store: or by calling me 434-324-4134.   

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